13 Community Radio initiatives hold Community Sensitization Fora

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July 13, 2015
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July 13, 2015
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13 Community Radio initiatives hold Community Sensitization Fora


Community Radio since its inception in Ghana is known for its unique representation of the voiceless in our society. For so long the struggles for frequency acquisition has come with its own challenges. Community Radio stations are most often meet with lots of constrains in the quest for a frequency which is their rights as citizens of Ghana.

The challenges and bottles necks though continues to exist, it has not deterred 13 communities across the country to continue with their efforts to acquire a community radio frequency for their communities. For these 13 communities, they are not relenting on their efforts and are not giving up until their efforts see the light of day. The decade long struggle which started under a GCRN/UNDEF project is still on.

In the later part of 2014, GCRN in partnership with Crossing Borders- Denmark with funding from CISU supported these 13 communities to organise a remobilization forum to revitalise the struggles for the acquisition of their frequencies. The initiatives are Radio Jomoro, Radio Koyele, Radio Aylindamale, Radio Fiaseman, Radio Meni Enya and Radio in the Western, Radio Gamshie and Radio LaTeNu in Greater Accra, Radio Mansoman in the Ashanti ,Radio Gbewaa and Radio Mion in the Northern, Radio Nabtal in the Upper West and Radio Bongo in the Upper East regions of Ghana.

They used the forum to create awareness and remobilise the community in which they find themselves. The fora was also presented an opportunity for communities to revitalise and also set up new steering committees for drive for the immediate actions agreed on to be taken in order ensure the success of getting their frequencies.